Knowledge Translation

TicTacTDR. Collaborators: Grigorovich, A., Kontos, P., Sixsmith, J., Fang, M.L., Wada, M., Dionne, P.O., Sauvé, L., Plante, P.

A digital educational game that is trivia-based. This game supports multi-player engagement and enhances learning about and implementation of transdisciplinary research principles. This game premiered Oct 16, 2018 at the AGE-WELL NCE Annual Conference and is accessible to AGE-WELL NCE members through the SAVIE website:

Transdisciplinarity Game Night.  Collaborators: Johnson, M., Kontos, P., Sixsmith, J., Grigorovich, A., Fang, M.L., & Wada, M.

A 2-minute animation video that highlights the principles of transdisciplinary research and its importance for the development of successful technologies for older adults and carers. The video premiered October 17, 2017 at the AGE-WELL NCE Annual Conference, and is archived on YouTube:

A resource on transdisciplinary working in ageing and technology. Collaborators:        Grigorovich, A., Fang, M., Wada, M., Sixsmith, J., Kontos, P.

A 2-page overview of principles of transdisciplinary research in aging and technology, along with suggestions for implementation and evaluation.  This resource was presented and distributed Oct 17, 2017 at the AGE-WELL NCE Annual Conference, and is now archived on the AGE-WELL NCE website: