Knowledge Translation

To bridge research with practice and improve access and equity in care I develop, implement, and evaluate arts-based and digital knowledge translation initiatives. Examples of this work include:

  • Dementia Isolation Toolkit ( Iaboni, A. (Project Lead). Collaborators: Astell, A., Barnes-Brisley, F., Bingham, K.,  Chu, C., Engell, K., Flint, A., Grigorovich, A., Kirkham, J., Kontos, P., Maxwell, C., Quirt, H.,  Rodrigues,

A digital resource that includes guidance and tools to support the compassionate, safe and effective isolation of people with dementia within long-term care homes, when this isolation is necessary for COVID-19 infection control and prevention. A key focus of this toolkit is the implementation of information and communications technology for social engagement and interaction to support persons who are isolating.

20-min research-based film that challenges stigma associated with sexual and gender diversity in later life, and offers insights for how to improve the cultural competency of care providers, and enhance the quality of care for older LGBTQ persons.

  • “Supporting sexuality and intimacy in long-term dementia care.” Co-Principal Investigators: Grigorovich, A., Kontos, P. Co-Investigators: Gray, J., Heesters, A., Schindel Martin, L., Tamblyn Watts, L., Anderson, R., Barrick, C.,  Marczyk, P., Quinn-Humphrey, K., Wong, J., Chong, R.; Partner: Alzheimer Society of Toronto. 

3-min research-based video to raise awareness about the benefits of sexual expression for persons living with dementia in residential long-term care homes as well as common challenges to supporting it.

A 2-minute animation video that highlights the principles of transdisciplinary research and its importance for the development of successful technologies for older adults and carers.