Research Funding

Co-Investigator. “Rapid development and implementation of a toolkit to prevent COVID-19 transmission among persons with dementia in long term care.” Ontario Together Fund. Principal Investigator: Iaboni, A. Co-Investigators: Bingham, K., Flint, A., Astell, A., Grigorovich, A., Kontos, P., Chu, C., Rodrigues, K., Babineau, J. Collaborators: Sinha, S., Cohen, C., Quirt, H., Tsokas, M., Giddens- Zuker, L., Machado-Cayley, M., Malach, F. 2020-2021

Co-Applicant. “Location tracking-based health status indices and their integration into clinical support tools in long-term care.” AGE-WELL Network of Centres of Excellence Core Research Program Grant. Project Leads: Iaboni, A., Khan, S. Co-Investigators: McGilton, K., Flint, A., Chu, C., Seitz, D., Kirkham, J., Newman, K., McMurray, J., Tung, J., Grigorovich, A., Bianchi, A., Spasojevic, S. 2020-2023

Principal Applicant. “Preventing violence and enhancing safety by optimizing the use of remote monitoring technologies in rehabilitation settings.” Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Health System Impact Fellowship). 2018-2020.

Principal Applicant. “Problematizing women’s experiences of sexual harassment: Implications for ethics and health care policy.” Ministry of Health and Long-term care (Ontario Women’s Health Scholar Award). 2016-2021.

Principal Applicant. “Optimizing quality of care for older LGBTQI2S persons.” Canadian Institutes of Health Research (Institute Community Support Grant: Institute of Gender and Health). 2018 – 2021.

Co-Principal Investigator. “Building capacity to support sexuality and intimacy in the context of dementia.” Women’s College Hospital (Women’s Xchange 15K Challenge). Co-Principal Investigators: Kontos, P., Grigorovich, A.; Co-Investigators: Barrick, C., Marczyk, P., Quinn-Humphrey, K., Gray, J., Heesters, A., Anderson, R., Tamblyn Watts, L., Schindel Martin, L. 2019-2020

Co-Investigator. “Reducing dementia stigma and fostering relational caring using  research-based film.” Alzheimer Society of Canada (Research Grant). Co-Principal Investigators: Kontos, P., Dupuis, S.; Co-Investigators: Jonas-Simpson, C., Mitchell, G., Gray, J., Grigorovich, A. 2018-2020

Co-Investigator. “Integrating brain injury, mental health, and addictions.” Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (Health System Research Fund Program Award). Principal Investigator: Colantonio, A. Co-Investigators: Chan, V., Mann, R., Balogh, R., Kirsh, B., Nalder, E., Kontos, P., Wiseman-Hakes, C., Matheson, F., Riopelle, R., Grigorovich, A. 2017-2019